Lewitt LCT 240 Pro Condenser Microphone


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Capture crisp, clean vocals & acoustic guitar sounds with Lewitt LCT 240 Pro condenser microphone. Professional grade condenser mic for home studio recording.

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Introducing the Lewitt LCT 240 Pro – the ultimate condenser microphone for all your recording and live sound needs. Whether you are a professional sound engineer or just getting started in the music industry, the LCT 240 Pro condenser microphone is a versatile and easy to use solution that delivers stunning audio quality.

Lewitt LCT 240 Pro is also a great condenser microphone for home studio recording!

Listen To The Raw Demo

I did a raw recording using Lewitt LCT 240 Pro in my home studio. The track you are hearing is without any editing, EQ or compression.

Here is my setup:

Audio Interface: Evo 4

Microphone: Lewitt LCT 240 Pro

DAW: Logic Pro X

Acoustic guitar direct line in to Evo 4. Cajon using Drummer sample.

Impressive Sound Quality

Not only does this high-quality condenser microphone offer an extended frequency range, it also has impressive sensitivity levels so you can enjoy a clear and detailed sound with minimal background noise. Surprisingly, it has an impeccable audio capture that’s suitable for both studio and stage applications. Not only that, its high frequency boost can work wonders on the right vocalists and guitars. Furthermore, the microphone has a maximum SPL of 142 dB and a dynamic range of 123 dB (A-weighted).

Overall, the microphone is fairly flat through its frequency response,

Durable Metal Body

The LCT-240 Pro ensures durability thanks to its rugged full metal body and shock mount system. It features a gold-plated XLR connector for reliable connection every time, as well as precision manufacturing which helps maintain optimal performance over time.

For added convenience, this condenser microphone comes with a handy carrying case for easy transport as well as two windscreens to reduce plosive sounds. Plus, it includes a built-in pop filter so you never have to worry about unwanted noise.

From its impressive sound quality to its robust build, reviews of the Lewitt LCT-240 Pro condenser microphone are generally positive. Moreover, many users have described the microphone’s sound as “modern yet smooth,” while noting its responsiveness even when backed off quite far away from the source.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality microphone that can be used in various recording situations, then look no further than the Lewitt LCT-240 Pro! Experience breathtaking sound quality—order yours today!


  • Easy-to-use XLR microphone
  • For vocals, instruments, and streaming
  • Professional sound quality
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • 142 dBSPL max SPL


Lewitt LCT-240 Pro Condenser Mic Telegraph

Lewitt LCT-240 Pro Condenser Mic Telegraph

Lewitt LCT-240 Pro Condenser Mic Polargraph Frequency

Lewitt LCT-240 Pro Condenser Mic Polargraph Frequency



Type: Condenser, permanently polarized
Acoustical operating principle: Pressure gradient transducer
Transducer Ø: 17 mm, 0.67 in
Diaphragm: 3 micron gold sputtered Mylar
Polar pattern: Cardioid
Frequency range: 20 … 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 16.7 mV/Pa, -35.5 dBV/Pa
Self-noise: 19 dB (A)
Max. SPL for 0.5 % THD: 142 dBSPL
Dynamic range: 123 dB (A)
Internal impedance: 100 Ω
Supply voltage: 48 V ± 4 V
Current consumption: 3.1 mA 
Connector: Gold plated 3-pin XLR
Microphone enclosure: Zinc die cast
Microphone dimensions: 138 x 52 x 36 mm, 5.43 x 2.04 x 1.42 inch
Microphone net weight: 310 g, 10.9 oz

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