I have been using Audient Evo 4 audio interface for my daily Zoom, recording for the past 3 years. It hasn’t given me any issue.

Here are 5 reasons why I think you should be getting Evo 4.

Reason 1: Affordable and Portable

The Audient Evo 4 audio interface is a highly affordable solution, coming in at around £400/$500 – making it one of the most affordable recording solutions on the market. It’s also incredibly portable, with a slim and lightweight design that makes it easy to transport from place to place. Whether you’re creating music at home or taking your studio on tour – the Evo 4 will fit into your setup perfectly.

Reason 2: Professional Quality Recordings

The Audient Evo 4 features four mic preamps that are capable of handling high-level sources with ease and clarity, so you can rest assured knowing that the recordings you make are always of the highest quality. Its ultra low-noise converters mean that your recordings will remain free from interference, while its digital I/O allows you to seamlessly integrate other digital devices such as DAWs or soundboards into your setup.

Reason 3: Easy to Set Up

Setting up the Audient Evo 4 is an absolute breeze – all you need to do is connect it up to your computer using one of two USB ports (which are both compatible with both Mac and PC computers), plug in your mics or instrument, and then you’re ready to go! The intuitive user interface also makes it easy for those new to recording to quickly customise the settings as needed.

Reason 4: Robust Software Suite Included

The included software suite gives users access to a range of useful features designed for fast workflow efficiency. This includes a virtual mixing console equipped with EQ, compression, gate and more – ensuring that all aspects of audio mixing can be done within the same control panel without having to import third party plugins like AutoTune or Melodyne.

Reason 5: Warranty Options Available

Last but not least, customers who purchase their Audient Evo 4 directly from an authorized reseller can enjoy industry leading warranty options ranging from three year warranties up to five year warranties depending upon their needs. With this type of assurance, buyers can remain confident in their purchase for years down the line.